About Marlette Homes

Marlette Coach Company was founded in Marlette, Michigan in 1953. Three men with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create an amazing product came together to present the market with the company that is now known as Marlette Homes. Founders Charlies Ballard, Paul Ridle and Earl Swett were persistent advocates for a premium product in both construction and consumer protection. The success of Marlette Homes in the Michigan region led to an expansion into other market areas, primarily in the western region. With its induction into the Clayton Manufactured Housing (CMH) Inc. family, Marlette Homes is making a return to the Midwest and now operating out of five facilities nationally.

Marlette Homes are designed for living built for life. The company has worked tirelessly to ensure quality construction and consumer protection by offering electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing standards that far exceed that of our competitors by using the highest quality materials. Marlette Homes consistently surpasses customer expectations through the belief that reputation is earned. Marlette Homes continues to up the game with new and innovative designs and options that fit the wide array of family needs throughout the country. Marlette Homes are built in a controlled environment to guarantee quick and efficient building times while preventing the unknowns of an ever changing outside environment that typical stick built homes face. Marlette Homes have stood the test of time while creating high quality and affordable homes and preserving the ever changing housing market.

About Clayton Homes

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